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At the forefront of
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Prof. Howard Gluckman specialises in advanced reconstruction, dental implants and highly aesthetic cases.

At the forefront of dentistry & research, using cutting-edge techniques. From bone-grafts to immediate implant placements, whatever the treatment need. Prof. Gluckman believes in individual treatment, ensuring each patient gets the specific treatment, customised to their unique case.



Committed to service excellence using state-of-the-art technology to ensure pain-free dentistry.


Prof. Howard Gluckman is renowned for his specialised interest in implantology. Implantology involves the replacement of missing teeth using one or more titanium screws. These screws help anchor or fix in place dentures, crowns or bridges.


Prof. Gluckman has experience treating a variety of aesthetic cases through periodontal plastic surgery. Examples include uneven gum lines (gummy smiles), exposed roots, including jawbone and gum indentations caused by tooth loss.


Prof. Gluckman is a bone reconstruction expert. This treatment involves the rebuilding of surrounding destroyed bone or destroyed soft tissue in the mouth. He has performed several successful bone and soft tissue grafting procedures restoring patients’ teeth function and form.

Bone Reconstruction

Addressing bone loss in the mouth is one of Prof Gluckman’s fields of expertise. Through bone reconstruction treatments, he helps patients restore bone mass through bone grafting, creating a suitable foundation for successful implant placements.

Soft Tissue Reconstruction

Prof. Gluckman has helped several patients treat gum tissue loss due to periodontal disease. His restorative procedures help patients regenerate essential gum tissue needed to support and protect the teeth, covering roots exposed by gum recession.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Periodontal surgery helps address hard and soft tissue defects that can occur around the teeth and implants. Prof Gluckman has treated diverse cases and achieves stable restorations by utilising the latest technology and minimally invasive techniques.


Prof. Gluckman addresses implant-related biological complications, including progressive marginal bone loss, sensory disturbances and soft tissue reactions. Prof Gluckman’s expertise also extends to mechanical complications, such as fractures and systemic complications like loose components.

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“Amazing staff and you really feel welcome at this dental practice. Excellent modern technology used in dentistry to give the patient the best treatment on offer.”


“One of the best clinicians in the world. Patients are lucky to have Dr. Gluckman as their dentist.”


“Dr Gluckman is a world leader in implant dentistry. Any patient would be lucky to be treated by this clinic. I can highly recommend the high level of treatment here.”


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