Immediate vs Delayed Dental Implants: What is The Difference? - Prof. Howard Gluckman

Immediate vs Delayed Dental Implants: What is The Difference?

A transparent representation of a dental implant in a lower jaw.


Dental implants are a medical solution for replacing damaged or missing teeth with an artificial crown attached to a titanium implant. They offer an often-welcome alternative to dental bridges and dentures, especially in cases where the natural roots of the affected tooth or teeth cannot support the building of bridgework replacements.

In this article, we will explore two types of dental implants, namely delayed and immediate implants. You will learn what each of the two is, their differences and why opting for an immediate dental implant could be the best decision you can make to replace a missing or damaged tooth.

What is a Delayed Implant?

A delayed implant is when an implant is placed a considerable time after tooth extraction. It involves a dentist or specialist extracting a tooth and allowing the bone to heal for 3-4 months before an implant is placed. The delay is to allow the bone to fully heal before the implant is placed. 

In this situation, a patient waits for months for their tooth extraction site to heal before the surgeon can drill into the bone under their gum to place the dental implant metal post.

A healed tooth extraction site after 4 -month healing period
Healed site after 4 months following extraction of tooth

What is an Immediate Implant?

An immediate implant is when a dental surgeon places an implant on the same day as the tooth extraction.

The patient has their affected tooth/teeth removed and the implant inserted into their mouth in the same appointment. There is no need to wait for an extended time for the extraction site to heal.

A loaded Immediate dental implant
Placement site with implant

Reasons why you should opt for Immediate Dental Implants 

There are several reasons why you should consider having an immediate implant instead of a delayed implant.

The following are some of the many benefits of having an immediate implant:

Immediate Implants save time.

Unlike the case with delayed dental implants, immediate implants do not require a lengthy healing period before implant placement. 

When you have an immediate implant operation, you have your tooth extracted and the implant placed in the same procedure. This arrangement significantly reduces the number of procedures and the length of time you have to wait for the final restoration of your affected tooth or teeth.

Immediate Implants are cost-effective.

Because immediate implants enable extraction and placement on the same day, you as the patient don’t have to pay for a succession of separate operations.

Unlike delayed implants that require several costly surgeries, immediate implants reduce the need for multiple surgeries – saving you time and money.

Patients experience less discomfort and pain.

Immediate implants are less invasive than delayed implants. Immediate implant surgery involves fewer surgical intrusions to the patient’s gum and bone. Delayed implants, on the other hand, involve a succession of invasive surgeries.

Because immediate implants are less invasive, patients undergo fewer surgeries, meaning less pain and discomfort compared to the delayed solution.

Improved Aesthetics.

In cases in the aesthetic zone, immediate implants support the natural shape of the bone and soft tissue thereby maintaining the tooth’s natural form. This often leads to better soft tissue adaptation to the new crown. This adaptation is critical for ideal aesthetics. 

Immediate dental implants allow us the opportunity to keep the soft tissue profiles where delayed placement does not. The soft tissue contour is maintained with immediate implant placement allowing the final crowns to have the most natural look.

Aesthetic dental zone with immediate implants but no central incisor crowns
Aesthetic zone without central incisor crowns
Aesthetic zone with immediate implants and central incisor crowns
Aesthetic zone with central incisor crowns


Why wait for healing and have two surgeries instead of one?

Immediate dental implants offer patients several benefits that include:

  • Less time spent between several surgeries.
  • Cost-effectiveness.
  • Less discomfort and pain.
  • Highly aesthetic results.

They are the ideal solution for patients who want to replace missing or damaged teeth in a less invasive and time-sensitive manner.

Dr Howard Gluckman reviewing dental scan impressions with dental technician.
Dr Howard Gluckman reviewing dental scans with dental technician

Dr Howard Gluckman is a world-renowned specialist who excels at performing immediate dental implant procedures. He highly recommends this solution since it produces excellent results while helping patients save valuable time and money with the least pain involved.

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