ImplantoDays Congress 2024 - Prof. Howard Gluckman

ImplantoDays Congress 2024

Event Date: 06 June 2024 - 08 June 2024

Elevate Your Expertise in Romania

Join Prof Howard Gluckman and other influential opinion leaders, including Drs Maurice Salama, Miguel Stanley, Christian Coachman, Henriette Lerner and Venceslav Stankov, at the ImplantoDays Congress 2024.

ImplantoDays Congress 2024: Unlock the Secrets of Aesthetic Dentistry

In Poiana Brașov’s picturesque setting, dive deep into the challenges of the aesthetic zone after tooth loss. 

Prof Gluckman’s presentation will tackle the unique challenges posed by the aesthetic zone, particularly after tooth loss. It will emphasize the meticulous attention to detail required for successful outcomes, involving bone regeneration, soft tissue grafting, and prosthetic soft tissue development. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the role of treatment planning in achieving aesthetic success
  • Recognise limitations of bone grafting in complex cases
  • Explore the impact of soft tissue graft timing on final aesthetic outcomes
  • Learn techniques for tissue development, including provisional crowns, contouring, and depth
  • Discover strategic use of partial extraction therapy for enhanced aesthetic outcomes

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