MegaGen Poland Lecture - Prof. Howard Gluckman

MegaGen Lecture – Poland

Event Date: 17 November 2023

Managing Soft Tissues and Avoiding Complications in Implantation with Prof Howard Gluckman

Prof Gluckman instructing at event like MegagGen Poland Lecture

In collaboration with MegaGen Poland, Professor Howard Gluckman will host a lecture in Warsaw on the 17th of November, 2023.

The lecture will focus on managing soft tissues to maximize aesthetic effects. It will showcase a variety of techniques used in Gluckman’s 25 years of clinical activity.

During the lecture, Professor Gluckman will discuss the crucial role of the decision-making process. This is primarily influenced by the individual conditions of the patient. In addition, he will present proven ways to avoid and manage unwanted complications at every stage of treatment, from making a digital smile design to soft tissue augmentation.

The lecture will also highlight the advantages of the Partial Extraction Technique (PET). The technique significantly increases the chances of success of immediate implantation, leading to excellent primary stability.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear live tips and tricks from Professor Howard Gluckman.

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