Partial Extraction Therapies Course - Prof. Howard Gluckman

Megagen Partial Extraction Therapies Lecture – Dallas

Event Date: 20 September 2022

Dr Howard Gluckman will be in Dallas, Texas, on Tuesday, 20 September  2022, for Megagen’s Partial Extraction Therapies Lecture.

During this course, Dr Gluckman will instruct on PET with the following learning objectives:

  • Understand bundle bone resorption patterns
  • Describe the critical factors of socket preservation
  • Understand the appropriate use of custom tissue formers.
  • Know the specific parameters for appropriate hard and soft tissue fill. 
  • Describe why immediate provisionalisation is imperative for proper hard and soft tissue preservation
  • Understand the protocol for atraumatic extractions and the appropriate methods of socket bone preservation

Learn more about how PET techniques allow us to maintain the buccal bone plate and prevent the collapse of the alveolar bone, creating a platform for ideal hard and soft tissue that is stable for the long term.

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