Ritter Forum Dubai 2024 - Prof. Howard Gluckman

Ritter Forum Dubai 2024

Event Date: 06 February 2024
Prof Gluckman giving presentation at an event like the Ritter Forum

Unlock the Future of Implant Dentistry at the Ritter Forum

Journey into the forefront of implant dentistry with Prof Gluckman on February 6, 2024, in the awe-inspiring city of Dubai at the Ritter Forum @AEEDC Dubai.

Set against the futuristic backdrop of the Dubai World Trade Centre, this event promises to be a beacon of knowledge and expertise in implant dentistry. The forum will explore critical topics such as Bioengineering, Soft Tissue and Bone Regeneration, Full Arch Implant Dentistry, Digital Planning and Design and Extraction Management.

Prof Gluckman, who will share the stage with fellow global field experts like Dr Christian Coachman, Prof Raquel Zita Gomes and the Agnini Brothers, will present a lecture titled ‘The Evolution of Partial Extraction Therapies and Socket Shield’.

Embark on an exceptional and enlightening start to 2024!

Secure your spot at the Ritter Forum @AEEDC Dubai.

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