15th MegaGen International Symposium 2022 - Prof. Howard Gluckman

The 15th MegaGen International Symposium – Seoul

Event Date: 30 April 2022 - 01 May 2022

Theme: Inspiring Future Dentistry : 20 years of evidence, preparing another 20 years.

Dr Gluckman will be participating in MegaGen’s 15th international symposium, where he will be speaking on Partial Extraction Therapies.

The symposium will be held at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul, Korea. This reunion festival will bring together like-minded dental professionals from all over the globe to celebrate 20 years of evidence-based and innovative dentistry.

Other speakers who will grace the MegaGen 15th International Symposium include Drs Jin Choe, Marcus Engelschalk, Christian Dinu, and David Garber, to name a few.

Discover more about The 15th MegaGen International Symposium in Seoul here.

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