Advanced Bone Day Course - Prof. Howard Gluckman

Advanced Bone Day Course

Event Date: 04 July 2022

During the Advanced Bone Day Course, Dr Howard Gluckman and Dr Fazeela Khan-Osborne will be sharing their insights on bone reconstruction procedures at the Royal College of Physicians in London.

This highly-informative workshop will provide participants with the most up-to-date didactic training on topics that include:

  • Autogenous bone grafts using the Khoury technique
  • Learning to harvest bone
  • Preparing the split bone block
  • Block fixation
  • Flap management

Participants will learn the best techniques to harvest from the posterior mandible, split the block into two veneers, and reconstruct a ridge defect with autogenous bone that will most rapidly integrate into the host bone.

To learn more and book for the event, click the link provided below:

Advanced Bone Day Course with Drs Gluckman and Khan-Osborne

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